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We’re On A Mission

Here’s Our Statement

missionfromgodOur Company mission is to bring the discipline of Output Management to the world. Documents are the bread and butter of any organization, whether it be statements, invoice, cheques, advices, summons or in case of the game industry collective cards. More and more documents are handled not in print, but in electronic format, and this brings its own unique challenges.

However, this discipline is not well understood. Multiple studies by Xplor [Electronic Document Systems Association] have show that print and document composition is often taken for granted by companies, little money is applied to improvement, there is also no skill training in it. Many companies aren’t getting the best out of their print and document solutions. Often, there are money saving methods and alternatives, such as printing documents to online archive, record management systems, or by using e-mail attachments or web-based access portals. Most companies don’t collect the proper metrics provided by the output management system to know they have a problem, that their happy status quo is not so happy.

Further, many companies are currently ill-equipped to meet new governmental compliancy issues around the new accessibility requirements for the handicapped that are now coming in to full force across the world. Often this leads to expensive manual accommodation procedures, or worse serious fines for non-compliance. Using the disciplines of output management, companies can automate the accessibility of documents, and easily met any accommodation requirements on the fly.

We also would like to explore the interesting synergy in the game industry between older collectible card games, and the opportunities now available with variable PDF solutions, advanced substrate technology, and print-on- demand websites. We feel there is an opportunity to resurrect old games, and marry the mass market, and online gaming arenas together. [And frankly we needed something fun to go along with all the serious business stuff…]

Finally, there is a need to teach output management integration techniques to new generations of specialists. Xplor has also indicated that many of the key technical players supporting output management in the Fortune 1000 group of companies will retire at the same time, being mostly Baby Boomers. Again, since output management is probably the least well understood discipline in the Information Management technology field, most companies aren’t aware a massive knowledge gap is looming. Our aim is to provide a hands-on, in lab teaching experience in top graphic design and composition oriented Universities, which will give their degree graduates an entry-level Electronic  Document Associate [EDA] certification in the discipline.