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Game Design


Due to previous work done with Companion Games [Galactic Empires] and Fleer/Skybox/Marvel [OverPower] we have a lot of experience with the collectible card gaming industry, from a number of aspects.

A lot of our executive are either serious gamers, playtesters and/or involved in game design themselves. Spirit Victory is putting a special team of technical partners together just to look at the issue.

Our view is with technical advances in variable PDF composition, inkjet substrate technology, and with the online game model there is potential interesting synergies to be developed. Our company firmly believes we can link the traditional mass-market CCG industry with the online gaming industry via on-demand print technology. Further, older games can be given new life, and new stability, and IP licensing partners can enter into distribution agreements as the entertainment industry normally ebbs and flows. These partners can have some confidence they have a gaming platform that is both supported, marketable, expandable, stable and continuing fan interest is there. Under the current model, most CCG games are either abandoned after a few years, or interest simply dwindles as cards become unattainable. This needs to change.

Using print-on-demand models, no game is out-of-print, and all cards can be fetched. However, by varying details and artwork, the secondary and comic-shop reseller market is protected. Word-of-mouth through the corner shop is often critical to a CCG game’s success. We also protect collectors by having ultra-rare special foil or holographic card editions, but allow the average gamer to still have access to all the cards he or she needs to stay competitive. No ten box chase for a rare card, often a huge disincentive to new players wanting to jump into a mature CCG.

We will provide game design, re-development and support at all times for any game. We can also provide mass-market press-sheets and other support to paper CCG providers when the demand cycle is high i.e. a new movie or TV series is released.

Under our model, online players can easily convert to face-to-face tournaments using real versions of their earned virtual cards, for nominal production and mailing costs. So for example, players can qualify online for a major tournament, and attend a national title tournament in person if they wish.

Finally, due to the increasing number of counterfeit and forged cards in the CCG industry, we can bring modern document protection and certification techniques to the field. Cards can have special protective bar-code or glyph background images, perhaps individual serial numbers. Most short-run offset colour printing has gone digital, so in the variable PDF world every card can be unique. This can also help with card-lists, and automated deck-checking for tournaments, through simple phone apps.

So if you are a CCG and/or IP licensing company with a property and you’d like to see it become potentially viable again, please contact us.