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Xplor Electronic Document Systems Association have indicated that of the Fortune 1000 group of companies, many of these ventures are going to take serious technical support hits as aging Baby Boomers hit the beach. There is going to be a massive brain-drain in print, document composition and output management expertise, since there is scant or no incentive to pass on precious knowledge of complex systems. Although this field is taken very much for granted, there is little directed, or hands-on education in this field.

In association with Xplor, the Ryerson University School of Graphic Communication Management [GCM], and a growing pool of partner vendors, we intend to do something about that. Ryerson has asked us to do live in-lab, hands-on technical teaching on building advanced output management solutions using multiple servers, software engines and print solutions. This course will count towards EDA [Electronic Document Association] certification with Xplor. Our feeling with this certification added to their already outstanding degree, that the majority graduating students with an interest in the technical will be 100% employable within the field. LRS themselves said they are extremely excited that there will be a pool of VPSX Output Management system certified candidates.

We expect long-term other vendors will join the mix. Xplor have also recently signed a student deal with California Institute of Technology, and are actively pursuing a similar agreement with Rochester Institute of Technology. We hope we can expand the teaching curriculum to these other great universities, including webinar based versions.

Our current technology partners:

If you are a print, document composition and/our output management vendor, and you would like to contribute to the current or future teaching curriculum, we would love to hear from you. Our belief is this is one of the broadest verticals in the IT field, so often many different solutions need to be integrated to meet rapidly changing business requirements. However messy, we firmly believe it is teachable.

EDA Certification Course Curriculum Outline and Abstract