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Michael Sutton, Chief Technology Officer



Our Company has access to a team of skilled players in document composition, output management, systems design, large system and project management. We also have savvy web design experts. We bring a mix of deep expertise, with a little youthful enthusiasm salted in.


Award-winning, game-changing document management presentations:


We charge standard industry rates for our Subject Matter Experts, and integration technicians. Let us help your company deal with the challenges of making your output management more cost efficient, helping you determine metrics and set policies, and meet new regulatory compliance issues with accessible documents.

Our team attitude is that no technical challenge in the IT field is too difficult, we don’t teach people “that you can’t get there from here.”, We build innovative, effective print and document solutions using off-the-shelf IT components, both openware and top-notch vendor components at reasonable cost. These solutions are cheaper than you think to run, sustainable in the long term, and are often easily extensible as both the technical and business world changes. We help take the pain out of “Business Process Re-engineering.”

Our solutions are well documented and well designed, so your regular support staff can manage them long-term. Our philosophy is not to encourage endless support and maintenance calls on our technology, followed by endless billing. We stand by what we develop, but we want our clients to believe it is their solution, not ours.

Ask us if we can help. Please contact us with your print, document composition or output management problem, and our team of experts will see if we can help.

Please see one of our attached Roadshows on Accessibility and Disaster Recovery for the City of Toronto.